Mastermind Business
Change Chip - Improve Results

The Mastermind Business website is meant to be your coach, to give you some solutions to the thoughts and ideas that you probably are having since you have come to this website, as this is what I have been doing since 2005 - Change Chip and Improve Your Life.

This does not mean that I am better than you, there are probably areas in life where you know much ore than I do. I only want to say that I have some solutions to how you can change your way of thinking, so that you can achieve what it is you really want - to improve your life. In other words:

How do we produce results?

The answer to this is that we have all been told a big lie, we have all been told that information is power. Information is not power - it is potential power. We need to use this knowledge else it does no good, so on this website I will not only tell you what to do, I also want to get you to use it.

So if you want to discover, study, learn, use and grow then you need to take action and join The Mastermind Business Group.

Therefore I want you to participate active doing the exercises I give you on the Mastermind Business website and giving me feedback on it. I want you to do this even if you have done it before, as this will keep you going.

In school we were shown how to arrive on time, sit down, shut up and not talk exempt when asked to do so and then doing what else we were told to do.

This has changed, as today in business you need to talk to other people else you will be without a business. You need to act and not wait passively until someone else tells you what to do, as this will probably not happen. You got to think and create your own future. You must get your own Home Based Business and Mastermind Business Group.

To get this you must raise your level of consciousness, you need to want more than you have today.

Have you ever discovered something that could change your life - and then never used it?

You probably have, and the reason you did not do anything about was that it was only something you would like to do and therefore you did only did what was pleasant to do and this did not lead to any continuos change in your life as it was to easy to go back to the old life again.

You must change it to something that you must do, have or be. This will take personal development, perseverance and action - You must change chip as I call it.

How come we can learn something that we know can change our life and then never use it?

This means that we need other people to achieve what we really want, we need to be member of a mastermind group.

What is the reason that people get what they get and how do we change it if this is not what they want?

We need to do something, we need to take action and when we do this, we can look at the results we are getting and then compare them to our goals.

Depending on how this turns out we can change what we are doing, but all of this is way easier to do if we have a plan, a system, a vehicle or recipe to follow and use, as most of the time other people have done the hard work for us and achieved it, so all that we need to do is find these people and follow their advice, system or recipe.

One of the ways to do this is to join the Mastermind Business Group, where we have weekly meetings.