Goal Setting Questions

Here you will find questions that can help you in your goal setting. Take your time and answer the questions and see if it does not bring you closer to your goal.

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  • What are the five most important values in your life?
  • What would you sacrifice your life for?
  • In thirty seconds or less write down the three most important goals in your life right now.
    This is called the quick-list method.
  • If I were just given a million dollars, tax free, what would be the first thing that I would do with it?
    (Now please, do not say "pay off my bills." Of course you would do that. Forget about survival. We are talking BIG prosperity here. I want you to stretch yourself and think of what you would really love to do with the money.)
  • How would you spend your time if you learned you only had six months to live?
    (this is six healthy months with out pain or debilitating disease)
  • What have you always dreamed of doing but were afraid to attempt?
  • If I did not have to work for a living - what would I love to do? What have you always wanted to do?
    (this question is about "doing what you love")
  • Looking back, what gives you the greatest felling of mental well being, self esteem, and self worth?
    This is a key indicator for your area of expertise.
  • Imagine that you received one wish from a genie. What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?
    If you can write down this answer, you can achieve it.

Here are seven steps to help you in your goal setting and achieving it.

  • 1. Write your major goal.
  • 2. List five benefits you will enjoy as the result of attaining your major goal.
  • 3. What is your current status?
  • 4. When are you going to accomplish your major goal?
  • 5. List five obstacles you will have to overcome to accomplish your major goal.
  • 6. What knowledge will you have to acquire to accomplish your goal?
  • 7. Identify the people and organizations whose assistance you will need to attain your goal.

Here are the twelve steps in goal setting.

  • The first step is desire
  • The second step is belief
  • The third step is to write the complete goal in detail
  • The fourth step is to determine how you will benefit from accomplishing your goal
  • The fifth step is to analyze your current status
  • The sixth step is to set a deadline
  • The seventh step is to identify the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve your goal
  • The eight step is to clearly identify the knowledge you will require in order to accomplish your goal
  • The ninth step is to identify the people, groups and organizations whose cooperation and assistance you will need to attain your goal
  • The tenth step is to take all the details you have identified in the last three steps and make a plan
  • The eleventh step is to get a clear mental image of your goal as already attained
  • The twelfth step is to back your plan with determination, persistence and resolve to never give up
Your persistence is the direct measure of how much you believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed.


The Fifth Discipline
Peter M. Senge

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